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Arca Collection Centerpiece Deep

Arca Collection Centerpiece - Deep - carrara marble

Arca Collection Centerpiece Flat

Arca Collection Centerpiece - Flat - carrara marble

Boccia Collection Jugs

Transparent mouth-blown borosilicate glass for ethereal and extremely light jugs, with almost invisible handle. Three different models and heights are available.
From $369.99

Cast Tea Heater

Encouraging a simpler way of life by sparking a newfound appreciation for the elements, the Cast Tea Heater uses fire to heat your brew, re-contextualising the traditional tea-making process with its fuss-free heating method.
$209.99 $167.99

Circular Bowl Cloud Stone

The first collaboration between MENU and Hamburg-born designer, Alexa Lixfeld. The studio engages in designing extraordinary items and in her own words, they strive to “build an economy of the special.” Circular Bowl is a great example of her work and how she manages to turn something as simple...
$489.99 $391.99

Copenhagen Tray Table

Is it a tray or a table? The versatile, multiple-use Copenhagen Tray Table combines the functionality of a traditional tray with the elegance of a side table. Designed by Norm Architects for use in the home, office, even the garden, the table is portable and slender enough to slot stylishly ...
$499.99 $399.99