Who we are

Established in 2018, Secolo is an Italian and UK based furniture brand with a desire to create iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes but with contemporary and unorthodox twists. Secolo aims to offer unique, unseen pieces of design, which despite being playful and original will naturally complement any interior.


What we do

Focusing on quality materials, Italian manufacturing and distinctive designs: SECOLO is producing furniture and accessories, which despite being playful and original will naturally complement any interior.



Made in Italy with Love.

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SECOLO Altante Coffee Table

The Atlante Coffee Table is both a coffee table and a bedside table. With a cut sphere creating a large circular top sat upon a square section base creating interesting geometries where they meet. Within the base there is space for books or whatever objects need to be stored within.
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SECOLO Archi Modular Sofa

A modular sofa designed as a response to a staple of Romanesque Architecture. Designed to subtly explore the contrast between the inside and outside of a sofa, the outer sides are square and sharp, whereas the inside corners are smooth and curve inwards, inviting you to ejoy the comfort of the soft velvet. The simple form of Archi Sofa allows it to complement any interior effortlessly.
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SECOLO B15z Lounge Chair

B-15z is named after a huge iceberg that broke away from an even larger ice shelf in Antarctica. B-15z looks like it was a piece of Tateyama but works as a perfect accompaniment or on its own. It is slightly over-sized and extremely comfortable. A soft lounge chair perfect for any situation or setting.
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SECOLO Balancing Pouf

Balancing Pouf is a stone shaped piece supported by a metal base.
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SECOLO Book Coffee Table

Two sizes of coffee table in the shape of two giant leaves. The veins of the book-matched marble mirror the veins of a leaf. Available in various marbles and natural stones as well as different metal finishes.
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SECOLO Chapter Two Sofa

Chapter 2 is a love seat inspired by the soft curves and comfort of B15z and Tateyama. Two identical backs face opposite ways meaning Chapter 2 can and should be used from both sides. This piece suits retail spaces or home dressing rooms as well as informal living spaces.
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