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Atollo Coffee Table

Lacquered or stoneware tops are similar to irregular ovals. Cylindrical metal bases. These are coffee tables to be used on their own or in an ever-moving 'atoll' that constantly renews itself.
From $1,180.00

Supernova Sideboard

Supernova is distinguished by soft, linear modernity. Refined rounded sides are elegantly shapely and long slim metal rod legs look outwards with rounded heads in view.
From $2,090.00

Katana Sideboard

This handle appears to come out of the base, with the elegance of a katana, the ancient Japanese weapon. The same lightness distiniguishes the sides, which enclose the cabinet as well as the back and sides of the top.
From $2,070.00

Supernova Oval Dining Table

The rigorous tube base of the Supernova table, typical of the 1930s, ends with rounded heads that are clearly seen through the rectangular transparent glass top, which can be also bronze or grey in its rectangular curved shape.
From $1,740.00

Koniko Oval Dining Table

The bold look of Koniko's statuary simplicity is further enhanced by the plain colour version. The slim top has rounded corners, and the base of the conical structure is formed on the same shape.
From $2,360.00

Bomber Round Dining Table 59"

In Bomber the skillfull metal processing is worthy of the master smiths of times gone by. The tube-shaped rods seek each other and then separate, sinuous and composed on the base framework that supports the top, featuring a round, square with rounded corners, or oval panel
From $3,120.00

Suppli Lounge Chair

Supplì, designed by Luca Nichetto, is an inviting and elegant armchair; the soft and sinuous curves give off heat and embody a spatial anchoring, almost perfect for rest and relaxation.
From $5,190.00

Mojo Lounge Chair

The special form is inspired by a leaf falling from a tree, that becomes a symbol of comfort. It invites you to take a rest and relax.
From $5,310.00

Hug Lounge Chair

The hug, the friendly and welcoming gesture, seen more clearly in the "open - armed" of the armrests, is meant as a universal invitation: "come, sit with me a while and I will put you at ease".
From $6,580.00

Goya Square Side Table 50

Small tables designed around the classical geometry of the arch, employing from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to create something more organic.
From $3,970.00

Goya Round Coffee Table

Small tables designed around the classical geometry of the arch, employing from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to create something more organic.
From $7,720.00

Arcolor 100 Coffee Table

Small tables designed around the classical geometry of the arch, employing from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to create something more organic.
From $8,690.00

Pond Coffee Table

POND COLLECTION lounge table in hardened glass, high gloss finish / UV glued.
From $1,630.00

Pipe Lounge Chair

PIPE LOUNGE, fully upholstered. Piping colour always same as back material. Available with fixed base or return swivel. Upholstery available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers suitable for contract and residential use.
From $3,960.00

Knockout Side Table Pyramid Base

Created in 2013 the knockout collection features some of the first designs from friends & founders. The pieces have become symbolic of the brand and are representative of designer ida hildebrand’s geometric, architectural, and sculptural influences. This award-winning collection has gained attention for its contemporary and minimalistic architectural profile, one that breaks with tradition.
From $2,560.00

Storm Table Lamp Metal

A reinterpretation of a storm made by light. The Storm pendant and lamp show off delicate and refined lines.
From $1,750.00

Calee Pendant V2

An assembly of designs, the Calé(e) collection offers a range of geometric patterns where the sense of imbalance forms simple, linear and sophisticated objects.
From $2,150.00

Arborescence Table Lamp

An architect by training, Hervé Langlais worked for many years with Paul Andreu, a French specialist in airport construction, and designed the Grand National Theater of China in Beijing and the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai. Twenty years later, he found his first love and developed a product designer activity. This former structural designer pays particular attention to details, clean shapes and the rarity of materials. First independent designer to officiate for CVL.
From $1,890.00

Epic Steel Dining Table - Round 130

GamFratesi designed the Epic Dining Table for a sculptural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture and named after the epic poems of ancient times.

Epic Steel Coffee Table - Round 80

GamFratesi designed the Epic Coffee Table for a sculptural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture and named after the epic poems of ancient times. Made in Italy from travertine stone, the monolithic form emphasizes the materiality of the stone, the natural beauty of its veins, and the vibrant texture of its unique patina – in which a new detail can be discovered with every use

Epic Steel Side Table - Round 60

GamFratesi designed the Epic Coffee Table for a sculptural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture and named after the epic poems of ancient times.

Slab Upholstered Bed

Slab Bed can add glamorous elegance to both contemporary and classic bedroom.
From $7,490.00

Helen Upholstered Bed

A smooth design presented in clean colors for contemporary bedrooms that allows flashing decor elements.xxxDomkapa’s pieces are re-interpretations of classics, designed to stand the test of time and fusing heritage elements with modern influences.
From $5,390.00

Amanda Upholstered Bed

Amanda Bed is a fundamental design piece. Full of simple lines and materials, this modern bed will complement your bedroom’s project.
From $7,170.00

Cinder Block Modular Sofa

Presented as a great island – floating in a grand space, Cinder Block gives you a multitude of possibilities for creating a sofa that will remain unique in its expression and make a great impression as well. Cinder Block is designed for Wendelbo by Luca Nichetto.
From $2,560.00

Little Petra Lounge Chair with FREE POUF

Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. It's one of just a few designs by architect Viggo Boesen, who became associated with Denmark's signature design aesthetic in the 1930s called funkis style. Little Petra is surprisingly petite, able to fit into all kinds of spaces, interiors and environments. Low to the ground, open and embracing, it embodies the essence of a lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of seating positions in any cosy setting imaginable.
From $5,160.00

Loafer Dining Chair SC24

The SAS Royal Hotel turned to Space Copenhagen founders Signe and Peter, who designed a chair that would look lovely in the hotel - and actually anywhere, Loafer. "The SAS Royal Hotel lobby is an essential part of their legendary interior," says Peter. "It's enormous and elegant. We wanted to design a piece of furniture that could create a sense of intimacy in this very open space".

Lato Side Table

Named after the Italian word for side, Lato is understated yet striking in its own right. Inspired by the notion of a lollypop turned upside down, Nichetto refined the shape to be more streamlined and iconic.

Echo Upholstered Bed

Echo Bed is the ideal fully upholstered velvet bed frame for sophisticated yet modern bedrooms.This bed sets the tone for the entire master bedroom and makes the space more comfortable.
From $6,770.00

Yumi Upholstered Bed

Yumi Bed is personified by a simple design but is also indicated for contemporary residential or hotel projects. This upholstered bed is perfect to create a contemporary plush charm. It has a luxurious softness with a modern touch.
From $5,390.00

Mano Coffee Table

Mano makes a huge impact without shouting in bright colours. These tables are especially effective in minimalist interior design projects. Only for cozy warm living rooms, Mano Coffee Table and Side Table make a shapely statement with its curved design.

Rachel Pouf

Rachel Pouf is an uncomplicated design piece. A combo of materials created to fill up an interior on a key-way. It’s great an extra seat or footstool. Rachel Pouf has a contemporary design and is dedicated to relaxing moments.
From $1,300.00

Harmony Lounge Chair

Fully upholstered in velvet, Harmony Armchair is an unforgettable piece with a soft and fluid silhouette. Harmony Armchair features an exaggerated, curved form. A mandatory seating piece for residential or hospitality project.
From $3,110.00

Cylinda Table Lamp

Angeletti & Ruzza designed Cylinda, a table lamp formed from two cylinders of different dimensions and thicknesses. The first, which is slimmer and taller, becomes the base supporting the second unit, a large, slender disc that forms the light-shade, with an LED light source shining beneath it. In the words of the designers, the essential forms of this design aim: “To eliminate, not to add anything that is not absolutely necessary: this was the mantra guiding the design of the lamp; with its quiet presence, it succeeds in creating a positive atmosphere that can transform everyday routine into everyday poetics.” Cylinda captures the attention with its strong, poetic presence, maintaining a minimalist sophistication with its clean outlines and use of geometric shapes, fully reflecting the Oluce DNA. In the monochrome anthracite version, Cylinda confirms its refined quality, highlighting the elegance of the lines, while in the two-colour version, a brushed gold disc is supported on the anthracite base, a decorative touch that succeeds in discreetly embellishing the object.

Atollo Metal Table Lamp

Designed in 1977 by Vico Magistretti, over the years, Atollo has become the archetype of the table lamp, winning the Compasso d’Oro in 1979 and completely revolutionising the way we imagine the classic bedside lamp. The geometric shapes that compose it – cylinder, cone and hemisphere – have resulted in a product that is decorative and essential at the same time, disconnected from the historical period and the fashions of the moment, and one that has now fully become one of the icons of Italian design
From $1,450.00

Blossi Table Lamp Gold

Inspired by the golden light during the Nordic fall, Blossi Collection is designed to give an indirect and soft light.xxxA special recessed LED provides a soft light reflected in the metallic finish of the shade. Blossi Collection has beautifully rounded glass lampshades that complete the soft appearance.

Anoli 1 Gold

Anoli Collection captures the tranquility of falling water droplets. The elegant droplets and golden warmth are the essence of the sophisticated pendant collection Anoli. xxxThe elegant yet simple drop shape is emphasized by the finest mouth blown glass and light gold metal.
From $670.00

Flor Lounge Chair

Beauty, stability, comfort and design are the features of "flor" armchair. Its rounded shape looks good in a living room, study or bedroom.

Slim Dresser 2 Drawers Wood Finish

Slim is a bedroom furnishing system with push-pull opening.
From $2,590.00

Christal Tall Dresser

Christal Tall Dresser in oak

Christal Night Table

Christal bedside table in oak