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LEMA Bulè Dining Table

LEMA Bulè Dining Table A fusion of Oriental and Western influences, the Bulè table by Chiara Andreatti is the perfect illustration of the increasingly international identity of Lema, for whom the Far East represents the centre of its current activities of market expansion. Designed with the social and cultural requirements of the Oriental market in mind, it features a rotating tray positioned on the table top, available as an accessory. This serves as the embodiment of the Oriental food culture, which is heavily centred around sharing and spending time together at the table.
From $14,990.00 CAD

LEMA Cloud Sofa System

LEMA Cloud Sofa System Cloud offers absolute compositional freedom, channelling Lema’s much-loved values of modularity and customisation into a sofa that can adapt to individual needs and tastes. The bespoke ethos extends to colours and fabrics too.
From $6,600.00 CAD

LEMA Gullwing Dining Table

LEMA Gullwing Dining Table The Gullwing table system is the product of extensive research by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti into the “complex simplicity” of curved lines and the rich presence they bring to a space. The project is characterised by the expert combination of different materials and the sculptural lines of the base, which interact with the light and the surrounding space to create a never-ending dance of shadows, reflections and angles. There is bold feel to the paired, curved legs – as elegant as wings – which serve as the base for Gullwing in its various guises.
From $9,740.00 CAD

LEMA Ombra Dining Chair

LEMA Ombra Dining Chair The Ombra dining chair, armchair and stool embodies Lema’s discreet style and the bold approach of Piero Lissoni. The Ombra collection is characterised by a metal structure, light to the eye but solid in function, which supports the shell capable of accommodating chairs and backrest. Formed from a rigid polypropylene sheet, minimal in thickness, the shell is also available with leather upholstery with very light padding.
From $2,690.00 CAD

LEMA Rainbow Sideboard

LEMA Rainbow Sideboard Roberto Lazzeroni adopts a bold approach to take the traditional shape of a sideboard and to repackage it to create an ideal piece for a contemporary living room. The four-door Rainbow sideboard features a vintage-inspired suspended metal base and an eye-catching graphic façade, with a colour pattern that explains its name. The doors and the lacquered wooden structured can be offered in a single colour or in two different combinations. Particular care has been taken to ensure the doors can open at a 180° angle.
$8,990.00 CAD