Proudly handmade in Alberta, Canada. Our furniture designs can appear simple, but are sophisticated in construction. Our rigid forms remain delicate, through studied variation in material thickness, cantilevered construction, recesses and just-right proportionality. Our high quality handcrafted pieces are beautiful enough to stand alone but are also timelessly adaptable to a range of decor styles, ensuring longevity in an increasingly disposable culture.

Solid wood is the medium of choice at IZM. Wood is durable and workable, but more importantly it ages gracefully. Each IZM piece starts life unique in appearance, but further develops a characteristic patina when loved by generations of users.

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Alar Coffee Table

Alar Coffee Table - solid wood with leather foot detail

Bow Dining Table

Bow Dining Table - Solid wood with several finishes to choose from
From $5,329.99

Darwinizm Side Table

This ever-evolving table is IZM’s earliest design. Featuring gravity-defying architectural design and handy signature storage slots.

Furcula Dining Table

Inspired by tree branches, the Furcula dining table brings the beauty of nature indoors. Designed by IZM and hand crafted of solid wood in Edmonton, Alberta.
From $7,169.99

Hypnotizm Bench

Inspired by Nelson’s iconic slatted bench, Hypnotizm is flexible seating perfect for entryways, tableside or at bed’s end. Hypnotizm is elegantly and sturdily crafted from solid wood with a combination of locking dado and miter joints. One floor model Hypnotizm in very good condition available.

Iconoclast Single Recatngle Table

With a dynamic base that breaks away from conventional 4-legged designs, the Iconoclast's thick legs cast a stately presence. An obvious choice for contemporary dining rooms or geometrically-sound office interiors. Iconoclast is suitable for residential or commercial use.This item is a custom made-to-order piece and as such cannot be returned.