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Troll Vase Medium

The idea behind Troll Vase started as a study of the properties of glass – examining how the intensity of colour changes depending on the thickness of the material. The result is a vase featuring a dynamic change of thickness throughout, from solid coloured base to thin transparent bubble-like top.

Trumpet Coat Stand

The nine discs in three dif ferent sizes are fit ted to the stand and positioned at angles suitable for hanging hats, scarves and umbrellas. A par t of the aluminium is derived from aluminium waste and is sand casted by hand in a small Indian workshop. Trumpet is flat-packed for ease of labour and transpor tation..

Willmann Vase

Meet Willmann Vase. Aka little miss look-who’s-here! Forget all about doing things ‘as usual’, she expects new thoughts, energy and courage! And you can almost hear her yawning from the windowsill when you prepare your eggs juuuuuust as you always do. No, bring something new to the table, some ...