Console Tables

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Bow Console Table

The phantom coffee table is characterized by its unique casting technique, creating a raw and unpolished surface texture. xxxPhantom is a native and yet has a refined design. xxxDimensions: 31.5 H x 13 W x 27.75 L

Capilano Console Table

Supported by a light and elegant metal structure, Capilano's series of small tables takes its name from the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver.
From $3,300.00

Cross Console

Modernity comes with stylized lines and one-piece figures. Cross is an element which appears to be lightweight, simile to a thin sheet of ice that with its lightness is able to furnish a room.
From $3,200.00

Hill Console

The union between materials – complementary as the coldest gold and glass or opposite as the warm wood or the cool metal – is what distinguish a piece of furniture from the others. When equilibrium reigns, ideas like Hill come true, console with a rebel soul and an harmonic style.
From $5,250.00

Match Console Table

Match project is characterized by the brass joint, that joints the structure with the shelf, becoming a precious and decorative element. The stackable system allows to create, with the same elements, small tables and bookcases of various heights, console and table.
From $5,680.00

Time Console Desk

A modern worktable, a desk with contemporary features and a measured style, distinguished by the presence of a wooden functional shelf, a reference to the most ancient origins of the manufacturing of materials.
From $3,880.00