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ARFLEX Sigmund Bench

To remain faithful to the principle for self-honesty, the design of this collection unveils its construction method.
From $4,330.00 CAD

AUDO COPENHAGEN Afteroom Bench Leather Black Legs

AUDO COPENHAGEN (formerly known as Menu) Afteroom Bench Leather Black Legs - Afteroom Bench is yet a supplement to the Afteroom Chair, constituting the same concept - a tribute to Bauhaus and functionalism - reducing the amount of material to a minimum and enhancing the aesthetic appearance to a maximum. Often a side table will be seen next to a bench....
$2,910.00 CAD $2,328.00 CAD

WENDELBO Canoe Bench

WENDELBO Canoe Bench - Floating, feeling lazy, and slowly drifting. This calm setting forms the inspiration for the daybed, CANOE. A low platform that invites you to take a well-earned break. With curves and lines inspired by the well-composed symmetry of the canoe.
From $4,790.00 CAD


CARL HANSEN BM0865 Daybed - Børge Mogensen’s BM0865 Daybed, a modular, playful and highly versatile design in FSC™-certified (FSC-C135991) wood, was originally designed in 1958 and is now reintroduced by Carl Hansen & Søn.
From $5,640.00 CAD

CARL HANSEN BM1160 Hunting Table - Folding

CARL HANSEN BM1160 Hunting Table - Folding - Børge Mogensen designed the BM1160 Hunting Table for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition in 1950. The table combines excellent woodwork with elegant metal brace bars, creating a bold and organic whole.
From $6,680.00 CAD


CARL HANSEN BM1871 Bench - Børge Mogensen’s functionalist approach is evident in the foldable set of table and benches created by the furniture designer in 1971.
From $1,580.00 CAD