The thread of design
Woven wool, furnishing accessories, a laid table, the feel of the material under your fingers, an idea that represents a break from the usual interpretations. An armchair that transmits its comfort in an irresistible, almost telepathic manner, a lamp that emits its light. Tables, coffee tables, round, oval, large, small. Mirrors, candlesticks and lamps reflect beams of light and shade like in a dream. Then there are vases, boxes, containers and trays to hold life’s everyday items. Every object is contextualised to last in time, to stir the emotions: if merely displayed they would only lose their poetry. And so they pose and wait, dialogue with the others, a study in consistency and simplicity: underneath there is a common thread that unites them.


Unconventional aesthetics
Atipico is a project that breaks the mould of design and makes it part of everyday life. Strictly ‘made in Italy’, it seeks to make every aspect of our daily lives more beautiful. No traces of immobility, a continuous flux of ideas and relations, an amalgam of visions: decorative aspects and functionality form an indissoluble union. Fusions of materials - cement, cork, fabric, iron, glass - result in a minimalist, highly elegant aesthetic.

We choose people, not just ideas
There is continuous research behind the Atipico project, a rewarding dialogue with young designers, a rich exchange of ideas, a joint effort that brings together visions, concepts, practices, techniques. Suggestions stem from personal paths, from a preference for this or that material, from the inventions of a specific moment. Everything is fertile, never seen, embraced and compared with the Atipico philosophy and its passion for design. The result are objects designed for those that are looking for something new, different in form and functionality, consistent in their strength, in their beauty, protagonists of a lifestyle that is different, better.

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24.12 Collection Mirror Oval Bronze

24.12 Collection Mirror - Oval - Bronze.
From $4,100.00

24.12 Collection Mirror Oval extrawhite

24.12 Collection Mirror - Oval - extrawhite.
From $4,100.00

24.12 Collection Mirror Round Bronze

24.12 Collection Mirror - Bronze.

24.12 Collection Mirror Round extrawhite

24.12 Collection Mirror - extrawhite.

24.12 Collection Mirror Square Bronze

24.12 Collection Mirror - Square - Bronze.

24.12 Collection Mirror Square extrawhite

24.12 Collection Mirror - Square - extrawhite.